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The official road is boundless by Regan (16th Nov 22 at 2:32am UTC)Quote Reply
Cao Gang and Li Tingzhang did not expect that Shao Jingchuan would leave the Xishui River Bridge and go directly to Shuangyuan Pole Factory, but the leaders had already called the roll, and they had to obey. Fortunately, Shuangyuan Pole Factory had also made preparations in advance, and there was no danger of any mistakes. They just saw that Governor Shao was so interested, and mentioned that this was a bright spot in the economic work of Fengzhou. It is clear that this point should be regarded as an important part of this inspection, which makes Cao Gang a little worried. Shuangyuan Pole Factory originally asked Kong Lingcheng to be the introducer, but now it seems that I'm afraid Kong Lingcheng's introduction may not be able to satisfy Governor Shao, and Lu Weimin, the initiator of the reform idea, is more stable. So Cao Gang also hurriedly called Lu Weimin and asked him not to go to Wagu first, but to go to Shuangyuan Pole Factory first. (To be continued). If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point () to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. (To be continued.) Volume 5 Chaotic Clouds Flying Still Calm Section 161 Attention When Lu Weimin received Cao Gang's phone call, he had already left the city and was driving to Wagu. In fact, he didn't want to go so early. He was very relieved about the situation there. With Zhang Mingquan and Qi yuanjun staring at him,push back racking system, he didn't have to worry too much. Whether it is the market or the planting base, he knows the situation like the palm of his hand, whether it is the data, the current situation or the prospects, he has a plan in mind,teardrop pallet racking, which is done by his real concern, and there is no need to deliberately recite the speech. However, Cao Gang told him to go there earlier and check it again. The news from the region said that Governor Shao was not satisfied with the investigation and research in the development zone, Fengzhou City and Guqing County. It was not until Nantan investigation that the situation improved slightly. So the region asked Shuangfeng to close the tail and not make any mistakes. Secretary Cao, didn't you say that Lao Kong would be responsible for the introduction? What do you want me to do? Hearing Cao Gang speaking in a low voice on the phone, Lu Weimin estimated that the other party was in Governor Shao's car, so he dared not speak loudly. In fact, Secretary Cao, Lao Kong is very familiar with the restructuring of the pole factory. There should be no problem. OK, I'll go there. I'll leave a few minutes earlier. Putting down the phone, Lu Weimin turned around and returned to the county and went directly to the pole factory. At the gate of the pole factory, heavy duty cantilever racks ,industrial racking systems, I saw Bai Hongsheng directing the workers to sprinkle water at the gate. The raw materials of the pole factory were cement and gravel, and there were heavy trucks coming and going. The auxiliary road outside would be renovated almost every two years. As soon as Lu Weimin's Mitsubishi Montero stopped, Bai Hongsheng came forward with a red face. Laobai, people are in high spirits when it comes to happy events. Governor Shao is coming to visit and inspect. Is the camera ready? Such a good opportunity can be regarded as a good thing for your factory director's face. In the future, it will be an honor to hang the photo of shaking hands with Governor Shao and accompanying Governor Shao to visit the factory building in the hall of the administrative building of your factory. Lu Weimin laughed and teased each other. Secretary Lu, no matter who comes, our factory has the same life. If it wasn't arranged by your county, I would have gone to Quyang to talk about the contract yesterday. Whether the governor comes or the secretary comes, I don't think they can help us solve many problems. We have to develop the market by ourselves, and we have to find ways to purchase cement. By the way, Secretary Lu, you have to say hello to Fengzhou Cement Plant for me. I have already paid for the 1000 tons of cement, but they said that the goods will not be delivered until the next 20th. But the stock in our warehouse can be carried to the tenth at most. What should we do in these ten days? We can't afford to wait. We have signed a contract with Quyang. If we really can't get out, the penalty is not a small sum. The most troublesome thing is that this is our first time to deal with Quyang. If we leave a bad impression, we will lose a lot. You have to do me a favor in this matter. To be honest, Bai Hongsheng is not very interested in the above inspection, unless this inspection can bring him real benefits, and he is now more concerned about the supply of raw materials in the factory.
Now the pole factory has officially changed its name to Hongda Cement Products Co., Ltd. and its main products are cement poles, but he has organized technicians to start planning and producing municipal reinforced concrete drainage pipes and cement manhole covers in addition to cement poles, and is preparing to focus on municipal cement products in Changnan area. Over the past few months, he has devoted all his efforts to opening up the market, and has achieved good results in Quyang and Luomen regional markets, but what followed was that the production capacity could not keep up with the times, resulting in production bottlenecks. And production capacity can not keep up with a key factor is that the supply of cement can not keep up with, Lu Weimin has helped him solve a problem, but the current cement shortage has become a long-term problem, even with cash to pay first, also can not pull goods, now is the peak season of production, and the supply of cement directly affects the production progress of Hongda Cement Products Factory. Laobai, I'm afraid it's not a long-term solution to rely on me to help you shout in Fengzhou Cement Plant. Now there is only Guqing County Cement Plant in Fengzhou area besides Fengzhou Cement Plant. But the output of Guqing County Cement Plant is not large, with a daily output of less than 300 tons, and the quality is not very stable. I'm afraid you have to consider going to several county cement plants in Liyang. Lu Weimin helped Bai Hongsheng find a way. Secretary Lu,industrial racking systems, I'm more anxious about this than you are. I also went to Yingling Cement Plant. I also booked Liyang Cement Plant. But this year, cement is so popular that I can't get the goods with cash. I have to queue up to pay in advance. Steel bars are the same. Who knows what's going on? Bai Hongsheng was excited and annoyed, "How can I catch up with this kind of thing?" "How about the sales situation in your factory?" Lu Weimin is more concerned about this.
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