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My Wife's Heart Remains the Same as Before by Wu Y (16th Nov 22 at 2:18am UTC)Quote Reply
Lu Yu stroked the skin on the back of her neck with his cool fingers and held her tightly in his arms. "Well," he said with a smile, "I've worked very hard. But I heard that it was the day when Master yuanhui opened the altar to give a lecture. There would be a lot of pilgrims. Be careful at that time. He told her carefully for fear that something would happen to her. A Zhu's sleepiness was almost gone by his nagging. He yawned and said, "Don't worry. I'm not going to squeeze with others. There are still Jiawu and the bodyguards here. Nothing will happen." Lu Yu kissed her on the cheek and saw that she could hardly open her eyes. He patted her on the back and whispered, "All right, go to sleep." When she fell asleep, Lu Yu put his hand on her flat abdomen, wondering if there would be a little life here? The next day, Lu Yu got up before dawn. A Zhu yawned and looked at the dark sky outside while waiting for him to change his clothes. He murmured in his heart that the days were short and the nights were long in spring, and there was a lot of rain. He had to go to court before dawn, which was even more bitter than when she was sprinting for the college entrance examination. After waiting for Lu Yu to have breakfast, when Ah Chu sent him out, he found the rain outside. He asked someone to prepare an umbrella and a raincoat for him. He asked, "Will Wang Ye come back for lunch?"? If you are busy, can I send someone to send you lunch? Lu Yu nodded and saw the drizzle drifting into the room with the wind, so he let her into the room without seeing him off. The carriage was ready. When Lu Yu, accompanied by He Ze with an umbrella, entered the carriage, he suddenly remembered something. He said to He Ze, "Yes, it seems that Xun Taiyi hasn't returned to Beijing on leave yet. You can send someone to have a look. If nothing happens,Dissolved Gas Flotation, you can get him back." He Ze answered, but with a wry smile in his heart, with the responsible temperament of Xun Taiyi, he must have had something to do before he came back. Wang Ye's words are not looking for someone to be happy? But Wang Ye has always ignored other people's affairs, he today so arranged, must be useful to Xun Taiyi's place, do not know what it is. In this way,filter nozzle, he Ze felt that he had to urge him. After sending Lu Yu to court, Ah Chu saw that it was still dark, so he went back to sleep. When it was bright, he got up with a ruddy face. There is still a light rain in the sky, and the spring rain is coming with coolness. A Zhu looked at the sky, a little worried about tomorrow's trip to Hutan Temple, if so, wet, damp and cold, it is really inconvenient to go out. Fortunately, the next morning, although the air was humid, the rain had stopped. The branches of the trees in the courtyard have sprouted new buds, the water droplets condensed on the tips of the leaves have dripped down, and the air has become somewhat fresh. Lu Yu still went to court early in the morning. After Ah Chu had had breakfast, fine bubble diffuser ,rapid sand filters, the servants had already set up the carriage. They took Jia Wu and Diamond, escorted by the accompanying bodyguards, and went to the Hutan Temple together. This time Ah Chu agreed to go to the Hutan Temple to burn incense, not because she believed in Buddhism, but because people in this era believed in it. Last time she promised An Guifei that she would go to the temple to worship. If she had not acted, An Guifei would know that she was not sincere. If she was not pregnant, she must not respect Buddha enough. So Yan Qingju asked her to go to the temple to burn incense at the right time. After arriving at the Hutan Temple, Ah Chu lifted the curtain of the car and looked out. He found many cars parked in the square in front of the Hutan Temple. Judging from this situation, they should all be attracted by Master yuanhui's lecture today. Master yuan Hui is a famous monk who has attained the Tao. Whenever he learns something about Buddhism, he will open altars and give lectures in temples everywhere. Many believers come here to admire him, which makes the incense of Kutan Temple more and more prosperous in recent years. Very not easy to find an open space to park the car, a Zhu holding the diamond's hand out of the car, then see a guest monk to meet over. Jiawu donated a sum of money for incense oil on the merit box in front of the temple. After revealing his identity, the monk recited the name of the Buddha and led them into the temple to rest in a clean and tidy incense room. In the incense room, Yan Qingju has arrived, Lin Shangshu House is far away from the Hutan Temple, Yan Qinglan is still in the future. Yan Qingju helped Ah Chu to sit down together and asked, "Did Third Sister come all the way smoothly?"? Many people came here to listen to Master yuanhui's lecture today. I was almost stuck in traffic on the way. Fortunately, I set out early. "I guess the second sister must be in a traffic jam now." Chu said with a smile, thinking of the big city where she lived in her previous life. During the rush hour, traffic jams were common.
Just then, the voice of Yan Qinglan sounded outside. She came in and complained, "There are so many people today. The car was almost blocked in front of the temple and couldn't get in.". Fortunately, my mother-in-law told me to start early, but I didn't expect to be later than you. Yan Qingju also got up and pulled her in. After serving the temple's signature vegetarian snacks and tea, the maids quietly retreated. After Yan Qinglan sat down, she suddenly thought of something and said, "By the way, when I came in earlier, I seemed to have seen the chariot of Prince Qin's mansion. I don't know if Princess Qin was also here." Thinking of what Princess Qin had done last year, Yan Qinglan covered her mouth and said with a smile, "Princess Qin is a frequent visitor to this temple. Today is the day when Master yuanhui opens the altar to give a lecture. It's not surprising that she will come.". I don't know if she will go to Master yuanhui to debate Buddhism and Taoism. I heard that she has a lot of crooked ideas, and many masters don't want to debate with her. Hearing the great achievements of his goddess, Ah Chu not only did not feel humiliated, but also felt that Princess Qin could avoid those great monks who ate fast and prayed to Buddha all day and were eloquent, which was also a kind of skill. However, the king of Qin did not appreciate the ability of the princess of Qin. It was said that she was often angry half to death. After resting for a while, the three of them adjusted their clothes and were led by the little novice monk to the front hall to burn incense. Zhu twirled three sticks of incense and knelt respectfully on the futon, praying that her period would not come this month. She would be very grateful to Buddha and would add more money to Buddha every month. When the incense was finished, Ah Chu had the leisure to look at the scene in the temple, as if he was also infected by those devout believers and the solemn environment of the temple. Obviously, he did not believe in such things, but he also unconsciously brought a sense of pious awe, and could not help putting away his previous distracting thoughts. As soon as she turned her eyes, Ah Chu saw Princess Qin, who was coming with a servant girl to burn incense. At this time,Lamella Plate Settler, she was sitting at a table in the corner of the hall, where an old monk was sitting. The old monk was holding a sign in his hand and muttering in his mouth, apparently listening to the monk's explanation.
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